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The latest industrial exhaust fan features

Author : adminViews : 535 Time : 2018-08-18

      With the continuous advancement of human society, human beings are paying more and more attention to the protection of the earth, and more and more attention is paid to environmental protection and emission reduction effects in industrial design and production. Industrial exhaust fans and industrial exhaust fans are very common applications in industrial production, and are constantly being optimized for energy conservation and environmental protection.

      According to relevant experts from China, at present, China's industrial exhaust fan companies have continuously increased their investment in technology research and development and technology upgrading, and have made outstanding progress in solar energy applications and energy-saving ventilation. Under the mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and protection of the earth, domestic industrial exhaust fans not only provide high-efficiency solutions, but also provide more complete sets of energy-saving, energy-generating, energy-transforming and energy-storing projects.

    The latest industrial exhaust fan products have several main features.

First, it adopts the world's first DC brushless motor package, which saves at least 50% of electricity compared with traditional motors.

Second, the humidity and efficiency detection design of the new exhaust fan products is more sensitive.

Third, the new exhaust fan is more intelligent. As long as the working environment of the exhaust fan reaches the design limit, the exhaust speed of the exhaust fan is automatically adjusted to effectively improve the application effect.

Fourth, the bearings of the new exhaust fan have also been improved, and with the slow start function, the service life of the equipment has been greatly extended.

It is believed that the low-energy, environmentally-friendly products of exhaust fans will be favored by more and more users in the continuous development and innovation.